why are you here?

This question is not really the philosophical quandary "What is the meaning of life?" so much as it is my curious nature to ask "What in the world made you come to frohardt.com?".

Since you have found your way to frohardt.com, I can assume one of three things:

  • You are an acquaintance of mine
  • You have been sampled from the purest of gene pools known simply as "Frohardt"
  • You are presently stalking me or owed money by me

If you are an acquaintance of mine then I welcome you. Go ahead and drop me some email at "matt@frohardt.com" If you would like to put something on the site or have an idea for some content just let me know.

"Frohardt" What a glorious sound. If that utterance causes your head to turn then it is apparent that you are here in order to answer the Internet-old question "Who has frohardt.com?" In answer to your question, my name is "Matt". I live in Knoxville, Iowa and make a living as a computer programmer. You, too, are welcome to drop me a line. I am always interested in hearing from other Frohardts and am generally willing to offer any information you might desire. There is one condition. Quite often I get email to the site that just says "I'm a Frohardt, too!!" and nothing else. While I am very happy to hear from you, I would really appreciate hearing more about you such as name, age and profession/schooling. It makes it more interesting for me to reply and it helps me to justify this site if I can tell my friends and family that I am learning something about fellow Frohardts.

Finally, if you are stalking me or I owe you money please send a photo of yourself or the dollar amount of the money that I owe you as both will have an impact on whether I respond to your email or not.

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