Siems Christmas (12/21/2002)
(1) Matt's mother Joan, Aunt Julie and Grandma Dorothy
(2) Matt's cousin Jeff, niece Margaret and Addie chillin'
(3) Margaret getting the better of Jeff
(4) Addie's first "taste" of Christmas (Original joke provided by Matt, thank you.)
(5) Jeff, Matt's sister Amy, Addie, Margaret and Shannon trying out their new toys
(6) Margaret and Grandma Dorothy (Margaret's "accessories" done by Matt)

Murphy Christmas (12/25/2002)
(1) Addie, Christmas morning
(2) Shannon's mother Gail, cousin Marilyn and aunt Carolyn
(3) Shannon's cousin Di, her husband Dan, one of their three boys Nicholas, Di's father John Ed and Matt
(4) Matt, our niece Emily, Addie and our niece Maggie
(5) One of Di and Dan's other boys Joseph
(6) Shannon's sister-in-law Hollie and her daughter Katelyn

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