05/03/2003 - Pella, IA
For the last sixty some years the town of Pella, IA has been holding a Tulip Time festival.  It consists of tulip gardens, parades, Dutch costumes, folk dancing and street music.  It's a good reason just to get outside and if you get lucky there is good weather.  The day we went it got up to about 70F so we were quite happy.  Truth be told, I really go for the food.  I started the day with an authentic Dutch bologna, a Dutch letter and some pofferjes (a small Dutch pancake with powdered sugar and fruit).  After that I went for the other "traditional" Dutch foods...ribeye sandwich, onion rings, fruit smoothie and ended it all with a deep-fat-fried Twinkie.  Addie was most interested in trying to pick tulips but left the festival empty handed.  Contrary to popular belief, there is no law against or fine for picking tulips but it is highly frowned upon.  Also, there is no city ordinance forcing residents to plant tulips but the city will give the residents free bulbs to plant if they request them.

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