07/09/2005 - Travel to North Platte, NE
The Frohardt family has been heading to Estes Park, CO for generations.  Following in that tradition, we decided that it was time to take the kids on their first trip to Estes.  Our first stop on our trip was a state park just west of Omaha.  We had to pay a few bucks to get in but our Subway sandwiches were getting warm.  Also, the lens off of our driver-side tail light had actually blown off while we were driving through Omaha and we needed to apply some duct tape to keep it on (really classy).  We had planned for lots of stops along the way to Colorado and we stopped at about every-other one.  People on this trip are Grandma and Grandpa Frohardt (aka "Joan & Paul"), Ben, Amy, Margaret, and Caroline Schafer (Matt's sister and her family) and Matt, Shannon, Addie, and Eli Frohardt.

(1) Addie showing us her "big mouth"
(2) Eli
(3) Gettin' in a little swingin'
(4) Ready for the pool in North Platte

07/10/2005 - Travel to Estes Park, CO
(5) Another rest stop
(6) Letting their Happy Meals settle in Cheyenne

Estes Park, CO
Once we got to Estes Park it was time to participate in two Frohardt family traditions: shopping and miniature golf...

(7) A little window shopping
(8) Dad always makes sure no one ELSE cheats
(9) Yeah, we drained it.

(10) Waiting for the parade
(11) Working on their sugar rush

(12) Eli, Matt and Addie hiking around Bear Lake
(13) Amy, Margaret, Caroline and Ben on the same hike
(14) We lost Eli...
(15) ...and Caroline

(16) (17) Checking out the view from the Baldpate Inn
(18) Elk at the edge of Estes Park

(19) Hiking trail at the top of Trail Ridge Road
(20) Addie got to build her own teddy bear
(21) One hour of Daddy's salary

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