Addie's Birth Timeline

07/02/2002  6:00 PM
We're admitted to room 618 at Iowa Methodist Medical Center. The reason for being admitted is so that the hospital could administer Cervidil™. The intention of Cervidil™ is to help Shannon's cervix "ripen" and soften a little bit before we are induced the next morning. At this time, Shannon has been on bed rest for a week due to pregnancy-induced hypertension. Nothing beneficial had really been coming from her bed rest so the doctors decided to induce her and let us get on with raising our child. That's our room and Matt's bed for the next three nights.

07/02/2002  7:00 PM
The Cervidil™ has just been applied by our nurse Michelle. Shannon is currently dilated to 1 and is 20% effaced.

07/03/2002  5:00 AM
Our nurse, Sally, comes in and removes the Cervidil™ applicator.

07/03/2002  6:15 AM
Nurse Laurel starts Shannon on Pitocin.

07/03/2002  9:30 AM
Dr. Brink checks Shannon's cervix. She is dilated to 1.5, 40% effaced and the baby is at -3 station. Dr. Brink goes ahead and breaks Shannon's water at this time in order to speed up labor.

07/03/2002  11:15 AM
Danielle, our nurse, places a contraction monitor in the uterus . Shannon actually refers to the contractions as "not that bad" at this time and only knows she is having a contraction because the monitor is telling her that she is. She is dilated to 2.5, 80% effaced and the baby is still at -3 station. See how calm and peaceful she looks. She was just happy to sit in a chair after being on bedrest for a week.


07/03/2002  12:00 PM
Well, the pain has finally arrived. The contractions are running about 1.5 minutes apart. Danielle administers a dosage of Fentanyl in order to take the "edge" off of the contractions. In case you are curious...Shannon and I are still married even after my taking her picture during contractions. I even got permission from her first before I took them. This is what a contraction looks like...


07/03/2002  2:45 PM
...and this is what an epidural looks like. Shannon had a second dosage of Fentanyl around 1:00 but it didn't help very much so we decided to call in the "big guns". Dr. Johns administered the epidural around 2:00 and by 2:45 we were both sleeping soundly.

07/03/2002  4:10 PM
After a much-needed nap, Amanda checked our status. We were amazed, and a bit scared, to find out that Shannon was fully dilated, 100% effaced and -1 station. We were ready to start pushing. After some final preparations we were ready to go and pushing was started at 5:05. Here is Shannon just prior to start.

07/03/2002  6:32 PM
The end result...

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