Cecilia's First Pictures

On Thursday, January 11th, 2007, Shannon and I had our third child.  At 1:06 PM we welcomed Cecilia Leigh into the world.  "Leigh" is Shannon's middle name and her mother Gail's as well.  We just liked "Cecilia".

(1) Being tended to
(2) Big cry
(3) I had already cut the cord a few minutes earlier but the nurse insisted that she take a picture.  Someone needs some camera lessons.

(4) Cecilia's weigh-in.  Compare it to Eli's weigh-in picture.  Spooky.
(5) Who's Daddy's grumpy little girl?
(6) Shannon and Dr. Brink "Bringer of Frohardt Babies"

(7) Shannon and Cecilia
(8) Cecilia with Phyllis and Val Olson (Matt's godparents)
(9) Eli, Cecilia and Addie with Grandma Frohardt

(10) Grandpa (and Grandma) Frohardt brought Addie and Eli back down to Knoxville and were rewarded with a little more time with Cecilia
(11) All the Frohardt "children"
(12) First bath.  Shannon brought the baby.  Addie brought the tiger cubs.

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