Cecilia's Birth Timeline

01/11/2007  7:50 AM
Matt and Shannon arrive at Iowa Methodist Medical Center.  We were supposed to be there at 7:30 but had a little trouble getting the car packed.  The kids are staying with Matt's parents for a few days.

01/11/2007  7:55 AM
Shannon is taken to room 609 and is introduced to her nurses Amanda and Elisa.  Amanda was one of the nurses who delivered Addie and she was excited to help deliver another child of ours.

01/11/2007  8:05 AM
Shannon is given Pitocin to start labor.

01/11/2007  8:25 AM
Dr. Brink, who delivered both Addie and Eli, checks Shannon and tells us that Shannon is dilated to 3 and 30% effaced.

01/11/2007  8:50 AM
Shannon is given started on Penecillin to counteract Group B Strep.

01/11/2007  10:20 AM
Dr. Brink comes in to break Shannon's water.  Shannon is dilated to 4 and 50% effaced.  She says her pain is at "5".

01/11/2007  11:20 AM
Shannon calls for the big guns and requests the epidural.  She says her pain is at "8".

01/11/2007  11:25 AM
Amanda tells us that they aren't able to do the epidural at this time because the anethesiologist got called away to an emergency c-section.  Amanda checks Shannon and she is dilated to 5 and 80% effaced.  They don't ask her what her pain is.

01/11/2007  11:35 AM
Amanda gives Shannon some Fentanyl to help with the pain.

01/11/2007  12:00 PM
Pain at "6".

01/11/2007  12:10 PM
Amanda checks Shannon and says that she is dilated to 7 and 100% effaced.  While Shannon is in the bathroom, Amanda tells me that she is almost too far along and may miss the window to get an epidural.  Pain at "8".

01/11/2007  12:15 PM
Dr. Barcellos comes in to administer the epidural.  Shannon is immediately in a better mood.

01/11/2007  12:40 PM
Pain back to "6".

01/11/2007  12:50 PM
Dr. Brink checks Shannon who is now dilated to 10.

01/11/2007  12:55 PM
Time to push.

01/11/2007  1:06 PM
The end result...

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