Eli's Birth Timeline

04/06/2004  6:15 PM
Matt arrives at home from bowling league and starts to change his clothes so he can go back out and have a few drinks with some friends that are in town from Idaho.  Shannon informs him that she has been having contractions for a few minutes.  Matt finishes getting ready thinking he won't surrender his evening to "false contractions".

04/06/2004  6:20 PM
Matt decides that he probably shouldn't leave his one-week-overdue wife in this situation.  He's still pretty sure that Shannon's not really in labor and that it is only the result of the Big Mac sandwich that she's been pushin' down but he decides to keep his opinion to himself and save an "episode".  He stays home from the bar and pouts instead.

04/06/2004  9:20 PM
After three hours of extremely consistent contractions, Shannon calls her doctor and is told to go to the hospital.

04/06/2004  9:21 PM
Matt thanks the Lord for the brief moments of wisdom that he is graced with.

04/06/2004  9:45 PM
Shannon calls her parents and asks them to come watch Addie for the night, as was pre-planned.

04/06/2004  11:00 PM
Matt and Shannon arrive at Iowa Methodist Medical Center.  They are taken to triage and given a preliminary examination by nurse Amy.  Shannon is dilated to 4cm and 80% effaced.  Shannon had been seen by a doctor earlier in the day and the nurse is worried that he might have "stirred things up" and expresses her belief that Shannon might not really be in labor.  She tells us that Shannon can walk around the maternity ward but says they are not ready to admit her yet.

04/07/2004  12:05 AM
Shannon starts walking.  The contractions get worse.

04/07/2004  1:45 AM
Shannon is taken to room 625 and given a shot of Morphine to help her sleep.  The nurses still don't think that she is in labor so they want her to sleep and they'll check her in the morning.

04/07/2004  3:15 AM
After only getting an hour and a half of sleep, Matt wakes up due to a bunch of jerks running around in his hospital room.  As it turns out, Shannon never went to sleep and is now ready to deliver in a few minutes.  Matt tries to go back to sleep but can't with all the commotion.  In a record-tying second flash of wisdom in 12 hours, Matt gets out of bed to look for his pants.

04/07/2004  3:30 AM
Matt finds his pants.  (No lie, it took me fifteen minutes to find them.  As it turns out, they got folded up in the mattress when I put the hide-a-bed away.)

04/07/2004  3:40 AM
While trying to decide if he has time to go find a Slim Jim somewhere, Matt hears those hallowed words... "Time to push".

04/07/2004  3:48 AM
After only two pushes, by Shannon, not Matt, the end result...

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