Lily's Birth Timeline

01/14/2010  7:10 AM
Matt and Shannon arrive at Iowa Methodist Medical Center.  We were supposed to be there at 7:00 but had a little trouble getting going.  Shannon's mom Gail is staying with the kids (what a great help).

01/14/2010  7:20 AM
Shannon settles into room 615 and is introduced to her nurses Jane and Kelly.

01/14/2007  8:20 AM
They had a little trouble getting the documentation into the system (Shannon had filled it all so she was "pre-admit" but for some reason it was never entered into the system). Shannon is given Pitocin to start labor.

01/14/2010  8:20 AM
Shannon is given started on Penecillin to counteract Group B Strep.

01/14/2010  8:50 AM
Antibiotic is done.

01/14/2010  9:50 AM
Dr. Brink, who delivered all three previous children, checks Shannon and tells us that Shannon is dilated to 4, 70% effaced, -2 station.

01/14/2010  9:50 AM
Dr. Brink breaks Shannon's water.

01/14/2010  10:15 PM
The anethesiologist is on the floor and leaving for a c-section but the nurses have him come by to give Shannon an epidural. Dr. comes in to administer the epidural.

01/14/2010  10:35 PM
Dr. Cassady administers the epidural.

01/14/2010  11:45 PM
Dr. Brink checks Shannon who is now dilated to 8.5-9.

01/14/2010  11:45 PM
Matt calls the grandmothers and tells them to head to the hospital.

01/14/2010  12:10 PM
Grandmothers arrive.

01/14/2010  12:25 PM
Time to push.

01/14/2010  12:28 PM
After a few minutes of pushing, Lily enters the world.

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